A 1,7cm thick Technogel layer makes Estasi popular among side sleepers or those who prefer a soft, cozy bed.

Key Benefits & Features

Targeted Cushioning

Unique 3-zone design offers extra cushioning for shoulders and hips and targeted low back support. So you're comfortable right when you get in bed and stay that way until it's time to take on the next day. Don't spend mornings cracking your joints; wake up inspired and ready to go.

Personalized Support

We call it 3D deformation. You'll call it the best night ever. Adapting like water but with the support of a solid, Technogel conforms gradually and uniquely to your body to ease pressure without restricting movement.

Cool By Nature, and Design

Technogel’s naturally high thermal conductivity means it helps disperse the heat released from your body throughout the night. Plus, an innovative grid design helps promote airflow and breathability to enhance the thermal regulation.

Deeper Sleep Starts Here

Clinical tests revealed that Technogel® mattresses help decrease time spent in light sleep by as much as 33%, while increasing deep sleep up to 45%. That’s an eye-opening fact!

Healthy Details

Technogel® is the only polyurethane gel made without plasticizer oils—it’s non-toxic, virtually odorless, and resists hardening or softening due to temperature or age. It's a biocompatible and resilient patented soft-solid gel. Which means you simply lie down and let your cares drift away.

Soft Support of Thick Gel Layer

Full body 1” thick Technogel surface layer with 3-zone tower design conforms gradually in all directions—no pain, no compression, no worries about improper posture. It’s the perfect blend of comfort and ergonomic support.

Estasi Mattress Details

Estasi is the original mattress with up to 35 kg of body conforming (non-toxic and odorless) gel. The thick Technogel layer helps you stay comfortable and cool! A unique 3-zone design offers extra cushioning for shoulders and hips and targeted low back support. This personalized relief makes the Estasi especially popular among side sleepers or those who prefer a softer, cozy bed. Instead of struggling to find a comfortable position or waking hot and sweaty, you fall asleep and enjoy the benefits of uninterrupted rest in the most rejuvenating stages of sleep.

A refreshing sleep can be yours night after night with Estasi, the ultimate gel experience. But, feeling is believing. Find an authorized Technogel® mattress retailer and stop by a store near you to discover something more extraordinary than the rest.

  • — 28 kg of body-conforming gel on Queen mattress (35 kg on King)
  • — High-density foam support layer and core
  • — Ergonomic design
  • — Technogel® made in Italy. 
  • — Mattress assembled in the USA
  • — Soft, high-grade Matelasse zipper cover with anti-pill finishing
  • — Adjustable base compatible


  • Available Sizes
  • 99 x 203 x 30.5 cm (Twin XL)
  • 152 x 203 x 30.5 cm (Queen)
  • 193 x 203 x 30.5 cm (King)
  • 183 x 213 x 30.5 cm (CalKing)

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    “I have experienced chronic and excruciating back & neck pain since I was 18 years old. I suffered a major shoulder and neck injury after slipping off of a barn roof and onto a pile lumber. I never broke any bones (to this day I don’t know how), however the muscles and tissue damage was quite severe. My doctor pumped me full of quarterzone which got me very quickly back to work… three days after the incident if I recall. The quarterzone however only made issues worse years later; the scar tissue became rock hard and began to make my muscles and joints seize. In passing time, I began to see chiropractors, which unfortunately also mislead me by not fixing the problem, but only alleviating it. Pain started to become a way of life for me. When I was 25, I was in a vehicle roll over where my seat belt failed and came undone. To this day I don’t understand how I am alive! My spine was impacted, my hip was dislocated, and my L3 through L5, C3 through C6 were all injured. Again, no broken bones… I know, isn’t it unbelievable? Perhaps I should have been Super Dave’s Side Kick. Tylenol 3, more chiropractic care, massage and other questionable therapies only alleviated the pain that I was now suffering. I purchased a memory foam bed that was supposed to help with posture and with correcting my body; it only made things worse, of which today many researchers are testifying to. Trust me when I say that memory foam mattresses are a complete rip off… I know, I have owned a few and will never go back. For years I suffered. Many different pain relief medicine and anti-inflammatory medication were a normal part of daily life. At one point I was seeing a chiropractor, massage therapist, and acupuncture as much as 5 times a week each. I couldn’t exercise because the pain was so bad. My back and neck issues were literally taking over my life. After an MRI and CAT scan, I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc disease and slight scoliosis… it was time to look at other alternatives. If I didn’t, then things will only continue to get worse. I went shopping for a mattress. I was of course done with memory foam mattresses. I tried other coil mattresses, however they too were not helping. I then came across Technogel in an online forum. It really intrigued me that that this gel product that was invented by the big pharma Bayer and claimed to be a state of the art product. I purchased my mattress and had it delivered. The $5000 that I paid was difficult to swallow, but I was desperate and simply had to try it. Besides, does cost matter when it comes to sleeping and living a better life? The first night I hated my mattress along with the next 2 weeks that came by, but I gave it time. As it turns out, the mattress was actually providing the support that I needed to correct the imperfections and scar tissue. The gel, which is 100% nontoxic and “biocompatible” was providing support and correcting my issues. The “3D Formation” as they call it was doing exactly that Technogel described and provided the proper comfort & support that I required. It really was the conforming product that I needed. Here I am now one year and I have not been to chiropractor, taken any anti-inflammatories, or pain relief medication for my problems. After 18 years of pain and suffering, my Technogel Mattress has literally changed my life.”

    Joseph, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.