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Beyond my expectations!

Avery, Whitehorse, YT for ESTASI

Finally, I can sleep soundly and look forward to doing so. After purchasing a pillow last year and realizing that no other pillow could ever compare, I knew my goal was to purchase a mattress. This bed is the best investment I have made for my health and wellness. Thank you so much to your representative Greg who helped us find the exact mattress and pillows we needed. I am an ambassador of your product. Thank you!

Sleep is not a luxury, it's a necessity!

Suz, Calgary, Alberta for VIVE

The VIVE Technogel promise: “Luxury is not always about living in excess; it's about finding things that enrich your life.” This is especially true when the price tag on a mattress is so much higher than every other one on the market. The price makes you pause and wonder “Is this really going to pay off?” For the answer to be yes, this mattress was going to have to tick some boxes for me that you can’t tick by laying on it for 10 minutes in a show room. It would have to be as comfortable, or more, as the Tempurpedic I already sleep on, but also keep me from waking up a couple hours after bedtime feeling like I’m cooking in a pizza oven! It would also have to come with a promise of being non-toxic; having worked over the last year to eliminate toxins from our home, we realized we’d been overlooking the one place we spend the most time: our bed. While I can only go on faith of the brand that we’ve successfully eliminated toxins, the other two tick boxes are all about more tangible experiences. It was very quickly clear that the pizza oven effect of the Tempurpedic was eliminated with the VIVE. Check! No more hot foam mattress. I became an instant fan of gel cubes! Temperature aside, the rest of “comfort” took a little longer to check the box for … at first it felt okay but not what I expected to feel. I expected to immediately feel as though I was sleeping on the most amazing mattress ever known to humankind. It didn’t feel like that. I played with pillows. My old one seemed too low now that I wasn’t sinking into the hugging foam of the Tempurpedic. Eventually I purchased an anatomic Technogel pillow (not the VIVE) and that was what pulled it all together. After a time … maybe 45 days from purchase, I went to bed one night and realized I loved the bed. It’s really comfortable! I miss it when I'm traveling. So, is it worth the price? I’m not sure. We bought a king-sized floor model at a discounted price. At that price I felt it was money well spent. If it came to a full-price decision I might have opted for the level down from the VIVE. But who knows, maybe it wouldn't have been as comfortable in the end. We couldn't find much written about the Technogel mattress line so it felt like a pretty big gamble to go with it. In the end I'm happy with the purchase and look forward to bedtime every night!

You won't regret it!

Kate, Whitehorse, YT for ESTASI

I've owned my mattress for a year. I was ready to write a review after night one, but wanted to be sure it wasn't just the difference between an old and new bed. I had a really hard time making the decision, it's a big purchase, these beds aren't cheap... I live a fairly high stress active lifestyle. My bed frame has been built so I don't need to "get up" in the morning, I just swing my legs over the edge and am upright. The first thing I noticed; I was no longer waking up achy. Gone were the mornings when it would take me a good half day to be rid of the stiffness. Two; this mattress allows you to have the deepest most complete sleep that you're designed for. I need my sleep, without it, I'm a delicate flower. This bed has changed my sleep patterns. I fall asleep quicker, and have a more restful sleep. Three; there is no sag. My mattress looks just the same as the day I bought it. There are no body indentations, no rolling towards the's perfect. When you're in the store, looking at the price tag trying to figure out why you'd pay so much more when other "decent" beds cost so much less...take a deep breath, do the math. How much are you willing to pay for a good nights sleep? It's worth every penny. My mattress is only a year old, and I'm looking to buy the king size any day now. Had you asked me in the store if I'd be on the verge of buying a second super fancy mattress, I would've laughed at you, today, I'm looking for sheets.

No joint stiffness or discomfort!

Carol, Whitehorse, YT for FAVOLA

We slept on our new Favola bed last night for the first time. Wow! We slept well and woke up with no joint stiffness and discomfort! We have been suffering this pain for some years and attributed it to natural aging….now we know that this bed is the answer for us. We are thrilled with it!

The best gift I have ever received

Dan, Kamloops, BC for DELUXE-THICK

My wife brought this pillow home for me. I had neck surgery several years ago and have had chronic pain since. Sleep has been difficult and comfort was elusive. After the first night using the Deluxe Thick Pillow, I slept through the night. I awoke with no neck pain. I was amazed. Several months later I still use the pillow and I sleep more soundly than I have in years. I have been about to reduce the amount of medication I require because I don't start my day hurting. Thanks, Honey. Outstanding product. Thanks Technogel.

My Technogel Mattress Changed My Life

Joseph, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada for ESTASI

I have experienced chronic and excruciating back & neck pain since I was 18 years old. I suffered a major shoulder and neck injury after slipping off of a barn roof and onto a pile lumber. I never broke any bones (to this day I don’t know how), however the muscles and tissue damage was quite severe. My doctor pumped me full of quarterzone which got me very quickly back to work… three days after the incident if I recall. The quarterzone however only made issues worse years later; the scar tissue became rock hard and began to make my muscles and joints seize. In passing time, I began to see chiropractors, which unfortunately also mislead me by not fixing the problem, but only alleviating it. Pain started to become a way of life for me. When I was 25, I was in a vehicle roll over where my seat belt failed and came undone. To this day I don’t understand how I am alive! My spine was impacted, my hip was dislocated, and my L3 through L5, C3 through C6 were all injured. Again, no broken bones… I know, isn’t it unbelievable? Perhaps I should have been Super Dave’s Side Kick. Tylenol 3, more chiropractic care, massage and other questionable therapies only alleviated the pain that I was now suffering. I purchased a memory foam bed that was supposed to help with posture and with correcting my body; it only made things worse, of which today many researchers are testifying to. Trust me when I say that memory foam mattresses are a complete rip off… I know, I have owned a few and will never go back. For years I suffered. Many different pain relief medicine and anti-inflammatory medication were a normal part of daily life. At one point I was seeing a chiropractor, massage therapist, and acupuncture as much as 5 times a week each. I couldn’t exercise because the pain was so bad. My back and neck issues were literally taking over my life. After an MRI and CAT scan, I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc disease and slight scoliosis… it was time to look at other alternatives. If I didn’t, then things will only continue to get worse. I went shopping for a mattress. I was of course done with memory foam mattresses. I tried other coil mattresses, however they too were not helping. I then came across Technogel in an online forum. It really intrigued me that that this gel product that was invented by the big pharma Bayer and claimed to be a state of the art product. I purchased my mattress and had it delivered. The $5000 that I paid was difficult to swallow, but I was desperate and simply had to try it. Besides, does cost matter when it comes to sleeping and living a better life? The first night I hated my mattress along with the next 2 weeks that came by, but I gave it time. As it turns out, the mattress was actually providing the support that I needed to correct the imperfections and scar tissue. The gel, which is 100% nontoxic and “biocompatible” was providing support and correcting my issues. The “3D Formation” as they call it was doing exactly that Technogel described and provided the proper comfort & support that I required. It really was the conforming product that I needed. Here I am now one year and I have not been to chiropractor, taken any anti-inflammatories, or pain relief medication for my problems. After 18 years of pain and suffering, my Technogel Mattress has literally changed my life.


Sleeping Well, Alexandria, VA for ESTASI

We finally decided we needed to replace the decade old mattress we had. We looked at a number of different mattresses that Healthy Back Store had to offer and finally settled on the Estasi+. We like memory foam so this is a great fit for us. I am one of those sleepers that usually gets hot, and the Technogel is a great invention for people like me. Best investment we ever made! Best sleep we've had in years. - See more at:


Susan, F for ANATOMIC

I am a 46 year old female with a long history of neck pain, and TMJ disorder... the Technogel pillow has been a blessing! I can't begin to count how much money I have spent on expensive down pillows only to have them go flat and offer little or no support for my neck. The pillow is much firmer than I expected and definitely much firmer than I prefer, but it has turned out to be just what my neck needed. I love the coolness of the technogel and am amazed at how good it feels on my jaw. I also find that I don’t toss and turn all night trying to find the right position. Now, if you will excuse me....I hear my pillow calling! Good Night and thank you Susan F


Mark, Cruz for

I recently started dialysis and found that I needed to be in my chair for five hours; by my second hour of treatment my tailbone would begin to hurt from the pressure of my body and the flatten seat. I recently bought a Technogel Living Seat Pad and I am very comfortable and happy with my purchase--no more discomfort. Thank you Technogel. I am not only comfortable but I am able to sit for hours. I love your product they are worth every dollar spent!


Ryan, Pittsburgh, PA for ANATOMIC

This pillow changed the way that I sleep. No more tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable position for my head. As soon as it touches the pillow I'm out. It's a fantastic thing. Thank you technogel


Lois L., Virginia Beach, VA for ANATOMIC

Recently my niece's husband, who works at a Chicago Bed store, found out that I was having trouble sleeping. I am 74 years of age and am suffering from Arthritis which makes sleeping difficult. Knowing this, he organized for a Technogel Anatomic pillow to be sent to me, to see if that would help. Well the pillow is absolutely wonderful and now I can't wait to go to sleep at night. It fits and supports my neck and head perfectly. I put my head on it, the gel with it's cooling and calming effect, causes me to fall asleep easily. I used to try and sleep with 3 different pillows trying to get them to support my neck and constantly adjusting them thru the night. I am so grateful that I received this gift and thank you, Technogel, for creating the best pillow ever.


Linda B. , Chicago, IL for ANATOMIC

My husband brought home this special pillow saying it is the latest and greatest and that I might want to try it. I said "I have had this type of pillow before and it didn't work for me". After 4 days of him bragging about how great the pillow is and how well he sleeps on it, I said OK then, I will give it a try. After 1 night of sleep on this pillow I knew I would not be giving it back to him. It was a miracle, I could not believe how much better I slept. In the past I have suffered from chronic neck pain and headaches. However, since sleeping on the Technogel pillow, I wake up rested and pain free. My husband and I have given this pillow as gifts, which included our niece and my aunt. All of which love them. I recommend this pillow to anyone!


Jenny, Bethany, OK for

My husband and I saw this mattress and thought it was the most comfortable one in the store. We liked that it was latex and not memory foam, so you don't get that sinking feeling. the gel technology sold us, because we tend to get warm during the night and know how traditional foam beds can trap heat. The gel keeps the mattress at a cool temperature all through the night. I have owned the mattress for 2 months now and I have never woke up feeling hot. We plan on getting an adjustable base for it in the future.


Linda, Haverhill, Ma for



Robert, Denver, Colorado for CONTOUR

I bought this contour pillow after examining twelve other contour pillows. This product is outstanding to say the least. I have a herniated disc in my c5 and it was recommended that I use a contour pillow by my doctor. this technogel contour pillow has made all the difference in the world on my neck. I have slept 100% better every night using the technogel contour pillow. the pain I had each and every morning in my neck was reduced by 80% with the everyday use of this pillow. I have had the product now for just over four years and realize I have received every penny's worth of the purchase price of the technogel contour pillow. It is now time to purchase a new pillow and even a increase in price for the pillow since I bought it the first time, its truly a no brainer in buying it again. Thank you technogel for a amazing product. Robert trotter Denver Colorado


Brian, California for ESTASI

One touch of the Technogel Part of the mattress and I was immediately hooked. I knew this was what I wanted to sleep on every night. The cool sensation I get From the technogel when I lay down on my Estasi+ Queen Mattress is so nice, and like no other bed I have ever laid on.. The entire mattress is really comfortable. So comfortable i regret having to get out of bed in the morning. I feel the mattress provides my back with perfect support. In the almost one year I have owned this mattress I have not detected any decrease in the comfort or support, which I am hoping stays the same for many years to come. I liked the Technogel so much i also purchased two Bed pillows and two seat cushions. (If you want to feel the maximum amount of coolness from the Technogel, you can remove the Factory-provided cover, which I did. I then put my own cover .on. In the case of the bed pillows, i put on standard soft pillow cases.) If you want to sleep quite cool and comfortable, I recommend you check out Technogel I am so glad I switched to Technogel.