May 15, 2017

3 Refreshing Summer Essentials

Summer Fit Tips

Especially for those that live in seasonal climates, the most beautiful time of the year starts when the temperatures are warm and the sky is sunny. Nice weather inspires many of us to get outside and enjoy the fresh air: sports or recreation, or a picnic in the park with family are often on our agendas. To keep up with Summer activities and the warmth of the season, it’s important to properly nourish our bodies.

Starting with diet, the focus should be on fresh, colorful fruits and vegetables. Crisp salads make a perfect summer meal: they are light yet filling while providing a big dose of vitamins and minerals. Carotene-rich foods such as carrots, apricots or pumpkins also help protect our skin against sunlight. Meat, on the other hand, can stimulate the body's heat production due to its high animal protein content.

And, water intake is especially important when temperatures rise. Always try to drink before you get thirsty (which is a sign you’re already becoming dehydrated). Two to three liters are the minimum suggested per day. In addition to drinking lots of water, try to minimize you caffeine intake. A cool glass of iced tea is a nice treat, but herbal and fruit teas are best; the cooling properties of mint is a welcome treat during hot summer days.

Sleep is another essential element to fitness. Unfortunately, busy summer schedules can take their toll on bedtime routines. Warmer weather can also be a cause of nighttime restlessness!

Technogel’s thermal properties, combined with an innovative tower-grid design, provides a fresh cooling effect and disperses your body heat to help you maintain a temperature that’s good for sleeping. Also remember to try to keep your bedroom cool with curtains or blinds and a fan; and choose breathable bedding.

When you stay cool and comfortable through the night, you can get the deep sleep you need to stay energized (and eat right!) during the long, active summer days.

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