August 06, 2015

Are you sleeping on the wrong pillow? Let us help you find a better fit!

Ask any person what kind of car they drive or what kind of shoes they wear and they could respond right away. Ask any person what kind of pillow they are sleeping on and there may be a delay. When you stop to consider how much time you spend in bed, why wouldn’t you know the type of pillow you sleep on?

Pillows are an important part of the overall sleep system, taking up as much as 25% of the overall sleeping surface. They are the final resting place for our heads each night, yet many people aren’t aware that they could be sleeping on the wrong type of pillow. 

When we sleep, ideally your head and neck should be in neutral alignment, falling naturally in a straight line. Tonight, when you lie down, take your natural sleeping position and consider your alignment. Does your head tilt forward, backward or to the side at an angle? When your pillow is too flat or too full, it can cause an unnatural bend in your alignment and this may lead to soreness and stiffness by morning.

The best pillow fit depends on your overall frame size, usual sleep position and patterns, and what feels most comfortable to you.

If you are a stomach sleeper, you may want to consider a pillow with a more slim profile to help keep your body aligned naturally through the night. We recommend trying our Deluxe Thin model.

Side sleepers should look for a pillow that is thick enough to support their head and maintain healthy alignment through the neck and shoulders. The size of your frame plays a role here as you are using your shoulders and arms for support.

Thin to petite frames: Try our Deluxe Thin.

Small to medium frames: Try our Deluxe or Contour.

Medium to larger frames: Try our Deluxe Thick or Anatomic.

Back sleepers should look for a pillow that supports the natural curvature of the neck.

Thin or petite frames: Try our Deluxe Thin or Contour.

Small to medium frames: Try our Deluxe Thin, Deluxe or Contour.

Medium to larger frames: Try our Deluxe or Anatomic.

If you tend to switch positions during the night, try a pillow that offers some versatility such as the Deluxe, Deluxe Thick or Anatomic.

Ultimately, like a good pair of shoes, you need to try on a pillow to find the right size for you. Visit one of our retailers and spend a little time exploring your options. Approximately one-third of your day will be spent with your pillow so finding the right fit is important for the achieving more a more restful night’s sleep, so that you wake up inspired ready to tackle the day!

Technogel Sleeping Anatomic - find your pillow fit

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