June 26, 2017

Bedtime Rituals for Better Dreams

Every night—and every day—we find ourselves dreaming. Some dreams are inspiring; others may be distraught with anxieties. While modern science has given us clues to interpret how brain activity is intertwined with the dreams we have while asleep, they remain undeniably mysterious. The inexplicable nature of these fantastical worlds has lead many cultures to regard dreams as messages from spirits and gods.

dream catcher Many ancient indigenous groups—from the Aztec to Aborigine and Native American—have created talismans to provide good dreams. The present form of the dream catcher is probably most strongly inspired by the Ojibwe, whose culture was strongly influenced by dreams and their encoded messages.

Within a ring of flexible wood, they braided a "spider's web" from tendons and intestinal cords, often adorned with pearls, feathers, hair, or other "magical" objects. Tradition holds that dream catchers block evil demons and visions, while the good dreams can be received through the hole in the center. These tribes treat dream catchers reverently, solemnly consecrating them before placing them near to where they sleep.

In the 1960s and 70s, dream catchers also became popular among Western cultures. Many people today own these magnificent, handmade and beautifully decorated charms. Even the German national soccer team harnessed the powers of a giant dreamcatcher at their hotel during the 2014 World Cup.

Whether you follow Indigenous traditions, you’re an athlete, a mom, a dad, a busy professional in today’s connected world—like the age-old dreamcatcher, Technogel mattresses and pillows are made to support comfortable, sound sleep.

What bedtime rituals do you have that help you sleep peacefully and wake up inspired to achieve your dreams? 

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