May 08, 2017

Finding the Perfect Bedroom Companion – a guide to choosing the best pillow for you

The right mattress, and whether firm or soft is better, is a popular debate. Yet there's another component of your bedding that greatly impacts quality of sleep. Surprisingly, this powerful sleep accessory is often overlooked. Only when neck problems arise, or restless nights become unbearable, does the pillow get some due attention. Pillows are not only a place to rest our heads, they support our neck and shoulders and help provide proper spinal alignment while we rest.

Perfect Bedmate

Selecting a new pillow deserves the same careful attention as choosing a mattress. The goal should always be an ergonomic fit and comfortable pressure relief to help prevent neck and back tension and pain. When choosing a pillow that will fit you best, consider your sleep habits and body type:

  • Which position do you tend to be in when you fall asleep: back, side or stomach?
  • If you tend to sleep on your side, then consider the width of your shoulders: wide (about 48 cm or more), average (about 44–48 cm) or narrow (less than 44 cm).
  • If you tend to sleep on your back: do you have a forward, normal or upright posture when you stand naturally against a wall?
  • How soft or firm is your mattress? Or, how far does your body or shoulder sink in?

Just like the right partner, the perfect pillow should meet all your needs. Although, many brands only offer a limited selection of pillows, a range of shapes and sizes is important to accommodate individual variations.

To help you get the restful nights and the neck and shoulder support you deserve, Technogel has developed gel pillow collections that include a range from a classic, flat shape to ergonomically curved designs. The Deluxe models are offered in varying thicknesses while the Anatomic provides a contoured surface with two-loft heights for customizable neck support and the Contour features an arced edge that curves around your shoulders so your head fits snuggly in the ergonomic curve. Plus, the VIVE Collection pillows offer even greater luxurious comfort with more gel and more premium fabric covers.

Beyond shape and size, temperature is another factor that can make the difference between rejuvenating or sleepless nights. A cool and breathable pillow helps regulate the temperature as we radiate heat from our heads and necks throughout the night. Technogel pillows, for example, all feature a layer of cool, conforming gel combined with top-to-bottom ventilation channels that help promote air flow.

What keeps you up at night? Are you still searching for the perfect bedmate?

Stop by a Technogel Sleeping retailer near you for a personal pillow fitting to find a Technogel pillow that just might feel like it was custom-made for you.

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