May 22, 2017

Nature's Hidden Healers

Many of the herbs and plants that grow by the side of the road or in the garden are quickly disregarded as just pretty foliage (or even weeds). While modern advances in medicine have drawn some attention away from the powerful properties of leaves, flowers or seeds, there is now a resurgence and growing interest in natural health. At Technogel, natural remedieswe believe strongly in the benefits of innovation; at the same time, we support natural ways to nurture your wellbeing.

Here are some examples of plant-based remedies for common ailments:

Skin Irritation
Those pesky rashes or stinging sunburn can be soothed by marigold blossoms’ anti-inflammatory benefits. Simply boil a tea, let it sit for a while, soak a cloth with the liquid and put it on the affected skin area. Plus, this can help keep your skin beautifully soft!

Herbs are great guardians against inflammation. Chamomile (as well as sage) acts as an antibacterial. For example, gargle or sip a chamomile tea to help fight off your cold.

Stress and Anxiety
Tension is hard to avoid! But lemon balm, valerian and lavender are well-known for their soothing qualities. Use essential oils with these ingredients to create a therapeutic aroma that helps relieve anxiety and nervousness.

As always, remember to give your body the natural fuel it needs to regenerate and stay well by getting quality sleep. During a night of rest, our cells are renewed, learning is reinforced and our metabolism is recharged. You could say that healthy sleep is the number one natural cure!

What’s your favorite natural remedy? Share your secrets to live healthy and wake up inspired everyday! 

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