May 01, 2017

Tidy Up for Rejuvenating Spring Sleeping

Stress often affects our everyday lives. While it may be impossible to completely avoid stress, it’s important to have a routine and a space that promotes calm and relaxation. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary where tension and anxiety never come in. Although that may sound ambitious, there are a few easy tricks that will help you keep daily stress outside your bedroom door—figuratively and literally—such as leaving electronic devices in another room. One important factor on the path to inner peace is to simply maintain a clean and organized bedroom.

If your bedroom is a mess, that negative energy can spread to your mood. So, to help you leave the messiness of your day behind, here are some of our tips to tidy up for serene spring sleeping.

Harness the invigorating energy of brighter days to give your sanctuary a mindful cleaning that will benefit you all season: 

tidy up for spring sleeping

  • Vacuum, plus mop any hard flooring;
  • Then, work your way up, using a feather duster for lamps, décor, books, etc.
  • And remember the closets and drawers. Choosing what to wear in the morning can be a source of stress, so try to organize your wardrobe so it’s easy to pick an outfit you feel good in. That includes getting rid of unworn clothes and setting out your clothes for the next day in the evening, so that you have a few more minutes to relax the morning.

The most important spot in your bedroom is your bed, so let’s give it extra care:

  • Around May, you should replace your warm winter comforter with a summer duvet;
  • Wash bed linens and covers;
  • Give your mattress some time to breathe with the windows open (if you can);
  • Dust and/or wipe the bed frame and under the bed.

Also, if you are prone to sweating at night, you should be more conscientious of your bedding and what type of mattress you have since they may collect bacteria from sweat.

Techhnogel’s unique thermal properties combined with its tower-grid design react to heat released from your body to help maintain a temperature that’s comfortable for sleeping. Plus, all Technogel pillows come with a removable cover for personalized coziness (and cleanliness).

Whichever brand of mattresses and pillows you get, invest in protective covers and linens made of good-quality, breathable fabrics.

Finally, now that the cleaning is done and the bed is made with fresh sheets, snuggle in and enjoy good nights’ rest. Happy spring sleeping! 

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